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There is nothing as inconvenient as getting a costly traffic ticket for something you could have avoided completely. Traffic tickets all over the United States come with two costs. The first is the fine you will have to pay and the second is the addition of points to your driving record. If you accumulate a lot of points over a short period of time, you may be forced to undergo further training to improve your driving or have your driver’s license suspended. To get out of paying the high costs of your traffic ticket, you will need to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to help you out. There are many NYC traffic ticket defense strategies the lawyer can use to get you off the hook, so do not just plead guilty and pay the fine.

Types of Traffic Tickets in New York

One of the most serious traffic offenses anywhere in the world is driving while intoxicated. In such cases, you will be immediately arrested. Reckless driving and speeding are also serious traffic violations, which attract a ticket, but the offender may not necessarily be arrested. Other offenses include; driving below a mandatory minimum speed limit, leaving the scene of an accident, running a red light, failure to yield, using parking space reserved for persons with disability, overtaking where it’s illegal to overtake, stopping in the middle of the road and others. The type of traffic violation committed by a driver as well as the severity of the violation and number of points on the driver’s driving record will determine how much the driver is supposed to pay as well as the number of points that will be added to their driving record.

How to Deal with a Traffic Ticket

The easy way out of a traffic ticket is to plead guilty or no contest and pay the TVB ticket fine. This can be done online, on the phone, in person or via mail. By doing this, you will be accepting all the associated consequences, including addition of points to you driving record. If you accumulate more than 6 points within 18 months, you can expect to pay additional fees and bigger fines. Furthermore, auto insurers will hike your premiums. In fact, your current auto insurer may refuse to renew your existing policy when it expires. To protect your driving record and save money on NYC ticket fines, you may want to hire an NYC traffic ticket defense lawyer to help you enter a plea of not guilty and fight the charges leveled against you. If you are successful, you will pay no fine and no points will be added to your driving record.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket

If you plead not guilty, the next step will be to contest the ticket during a hearing. If you plan to fight the ticket, you will have 30 days from the day you got the ticket to file your case with the TVB (Traffic Violations Bureau). NYC TVB tickets normally have instructions on the back on how to respond to a traffic ticket. During the hearing, your attorney will represent you and put forth a strong case. For instance, if you got a speeding ticket, the lawyer can challenge how the traffic police determined that you were speeding. The quality of the equipment, general maintenance, storage and use can all be used to discredit the decision to give you a speeding ticket. The visibility and location of speed limit signs on the road can also be blamed for the speeding in some cases. Basically, your traffic ticket attorney will look at the circumstances surrounding your ticketing and come up with the best defense.  Find a good workers compensation lawyer in this article and contact him or her.

It is important to note that if you are not successful in fighting the traffic ticket, you may lose your chance to negotiate a plea bargain for a lighter sentence. Consequently, you may get the maximum points allowed for that charge. The good news is that experienced traffic ticket lawyers can easily beat the charges. Even if they are not successful the first time, they can always appeal the verdict. To ensure you get the desired results, be sure to hire the most competent NYC traffic ticket lawyer.

Factors to Consider When Hiring an Attorney for any reason in Any State

Traffic laws differ from place to place. For instance, NYC traffic laws differ from laws used in Rochester and Buffalo. Similarly, laws differ greatly based on the type of driver. For instance, teenage drivers, commercial drivers and drivers who are under 21 years old are usually subject to different rules, so it can be difficult for the average person to be well versed with all the rules. That’s why it’s important for you to hire an experienced traffic law attorney to give you competent legal counsel and represent you during the hearing to fight the ticket. In addition to experience and the area of practice, be sure to also consider the reputation and legal fees charged by an attorney before making a decision on whom to hire. You may find you also need a disability or specialized injury lawyer. The following is a list of trusted firms in other States:


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